Maja Nygjelten


CEO & 2D-artist

Mathilde Kvernland


Community Manager & 3D-artist

Tirna Kristine Mellum


Project Manager & 3D-artist

Marius Mobæk Strømmevold


Finance Manager & Animator

Trond Fasteraune

Lead Programmer

Music composer

Brage Pedersen Moberg

Raidho Games AS founding date

August 1, 2021


Press/business contact

Social Media

Office Address

Hamar Game Collective

Grønnegata 83

2317 Hamar



Raidho Games is aNorwegianindependent game studio working on Astride, a new horse game based in a fictional Scandinavia.


Raidho Games was founded in 2021 by five game developers. They teamed up to start creating Astride. Astride was a passion project for three of the five developers, who grew up with horses and video games. They quickly gained a community following, which has been steadily growing since. In November 2021, Astride received its first funding from Østnorsk Filmsenter, and in January 2022, Raidho Games set up their offices at Hamar Game Collective, a cluster of game companies in Hamar.


After realizing the one good horse game they were wishing for never came, the team made the decision to start developing Astride, a horse game with the ambition to cover an range of disciplines in within the equestrian sport and culture while keeping a semi-realistic look and experience for the players. Astride will not only be focusing on horse training and competitions, but also caretaking, stable management and exploration. There will be a story for the players to unravel, which is connected to the stable and town.

The mission with Astride is to push the genre standards into new heights with added realism, difficulty and other aspects. Astride will be released as early access on Steam for PC and Mac. Other platforms such as Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch will be explored.

Astride has had a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran from March 11th until April 10th 2022. The initial goal of €30,000 Euros was reached just after two weeks, on March 16th. Upon the Kickstarter's end, Astride had been supported with a total of €44,080 Euros by 1,030 unique backers.


Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux, with a possibility of Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Game Release

Astride's early access release will be available from March/April of 2023. The full release will be around 2025-2026.


Simulation, Roleplaying, Multiplayer, PvP

Price and marketing model

Early access price is set to €25 EUR. Full release price will incline. Astride will require a one-time purchase and will have DLCs added after the full release.


English and Norwegian. More languages will be added if the demand is high enough and we have enough resources to do so.