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When and on which platforms will Astride release?
Astride will in early access be available for PC. Mac support is not currently available. The full release of the final game is estimated to happen in 2026-2027.

Can I apply for a job with you?
We currently have no available positions to fill, but we are always looking to speak with talented and nice people. If you send us an open application, we will keep your information on file, but we may not be able to respond at this time. To apply for a position at Raidho Games, send an email to Please include a cover letter, a CV, a link to your online portfolio or gallery, or a shared zip file. Job applications sent to our social media platforms such as Instagram and Discord will not be considered.

What kind of monetization does Astride use?
Astride is based on a one-time purchase with DLCs. A DLC is downloadable content. For example, we have a Western DLC planned where new horse breeds, tack, and possibly new quests and areas will be introduced. These DLCs will not be available at launch as they will be produced after the full game is finished. Astride will not have microtransactions.

Which programs do you use for Astride and which engine does it run on?
Astride is being built using Unity. Our developers use different software for creating assets, animations, and art for the game. This includes Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Substance Painter, Pixologic Zbrush, and more.

Can I test new features before they are officially released on Steam?
You certainly can! Game testing is however an exclusive benefit for our Patreon supporters. Read more about our Patreon in the #⁠patreon-info channel.